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Boost Your Online Visibility with an Effective SEO Package

Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays a significant role in driving traffic to your website and increasing sales. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can reach out to a wider audience and gain more exposure online. However, managing SEO alone can be a complex and time-consuming task.

That’s where an SEO package from SEOPind comes in extremely handy. Our customized SEO packages are designed to streamline your optimization process and deliver quantifiable results within committed timeframes. Whether you are an entrepreneur starting small or a large enterprise looking to scale up, we have the right SEO plans tailored to your business needs and budget.

Benefits of SEO Package from SEOPind

  • Increased organic traffic: Regular optimization of key elements helps boost your search rankings, driving more relevant traffic to your site.

  • Improved user experience: Techniques like speed optimization and content enhancement result in higher time-on-site and engagement metrics.

  • Targeted content generation: Our specialists create blogs, articles, and web pages around high-intent keywords specific to your domain.

  • Reduced technical issues: We address technical gaps and errors to provide a seamless user experience for search engines and users alike.

  • Enhanced local visibility: Local SEO efforts through local citation building and GMB optimization attract local customers.

  • Backlink profile analysis: Competitor and niche backlink patterns are studied to devise a natural link building strategy.

  • Monthly performance tracking: Detailed reports are shared regularly to monitor progress against optimization KPIs and business goals.

  • Ongoing support: Exclusive account manager provides guidance throughout the engagement for lasting SEO success.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO audit provides a comprehensive analysis of your website’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying opportunities for improvement.


Effective keyword research is essential to optimizing your website and increasing traffic. Our experts analyze search trends to identify the most high-impact, relevant keywords for your business.

Google Ads

While organic search is free, paid search through platforms like Google Ads can instantly boost your visibility and bring in ready-to-buy customers quickly. However, you need an experienced Google Ads manager to ensure your ads strategy delivers an excellent return on investment.

Website Design

Services like HTML improvements, redirects, URL structure, server configuration, caching are provided to optimize speed and user experience.

Affiliate Marketing

We'll find what keywords are getting your ideal customers to search engines. Then we'll strategize how to rank well for those searches through your site.


We submit and maintain accurate business profiles on directories, local citation sites and maps to strengthen presence wherever customers search online.

Email Marketing

We optimize your business listing across local search platforms like Google My Business, Apple Maps, Bing Local etc. and get backlinks from local directories to enhance visibility to local customers.

Content Marketing

Our team works with you to create unique and insightful blogs, articles, guides and landing pages focused on topics relevant to your customers. This drives organic traffic and sales.

Social Media Marketing

Multiple channels are managed to engage your audience and drive traffic back to your website. Organic and paid promotions are run to get maximum ROI from each platform.


Your website speed is analyzed and improved implementing techniques like image compression, code optimization, caching, CDN, server configurations etc. for a better user experience and SEO boost.

Display Advertising

The website is optimized to rank for voice searches by including relevant keywords in headings, titles and meta descriptions, preparing content for voice readability.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Keyword gaps, backlink profiles and SEO strategies of competitors are analyzed to identify opportunities and inform a more effective strategy for your website.

Who We Are

SEOPind is a leading digital marketing agency focused on providing strategic SEO services. We were founded in 2020 with a vision to help businesses utilize the power of organic search to attract qualified customers online. Our team of highly skilled SEO experts have helped a wide range of clients across industries rank higher and generate more qualified traffic. We proudly offer a full suite of services including technical SEO, content marketing, paid media management, local SEO, link building and more.

How We Can Help You To Grow Your Business?

SEO is one of the most effective ways to generate qualified leads and sales for your business. By optimizing your website and online presence for search, you can reach relevant customers throughout their discovery process. As an SEO expert agency, we can help you leverage organic search to scale your Company. Our data-driven strategies and expertise will boost your visibility, traffic and overall marketing results.


Basic plan for invidual or small business owner comes with limited keywords

$ 35.89 Month
  • 6 Potential Keywords
  • Medium Competitive
  • In-depth Site Analysis
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Keywords Research
  • Onpage Optimization
  • Offpage Optimization
  • Organic Links Creation
  • Setup Analytics & Webmaster
  • SEO Progress Report


Plan for small and mid size business owner with extra benefits

$ 59.81 Month
  • 12 Potential Keywords
  • Medium Competitive
  • In-depth Site Analysis
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Keywords Research
  • Onpage Optimization
  • Offpage Optimization
  • Organic Links Creation
  • Setup Analytics & Webmaster
  • SEO Progress Report


Plan for Such companies that need more keywords rank on SERP

$ 179.44 Month
  • 30 Potential Keywords
  • Medium Competitive
  • In-depth Site Analysis
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Keywords Research
  • Onpage Optimization
  • Offpage Optimization
  • Organic Links Creation
  • Setup Analytics & Webmaster
  • SEO Progress Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does any of this sound like exactly what you need right now? Our flexible plans let you pick and choose solutions or outsource fully to us. Either way, expect accelerated growth and higher conversions very quickly. Do you find your Questions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website in order to obtain a higher ranking on search engines such as Google. This is done by making sure that your website has relevant and unique content, building high-quality backlinks, and improving its technical structure and performance.

Email Marketing refers to the process of creating and sending out targeted emails with the goal of promoting a product or service. It is an effective way of reaching out to potential and existing customers, building brand awareness, and generating leads or sales.

Social Media Ads are a form of online advertising that target users on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They are designed to reach specific audiences and generate leads, conversions, or sales by promoting products or services directly to them.

Content Marketing is important because it helps businesses to effectively communicate with their intended audience, build brand awareness, and generate leads or revenue. It involves creating and sharing valuable content (such as blogs, video tutorials, E-books, Infographic posts…) in order to inform, educate, and interact with the audience.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of online advertising model designed to drive traffic to a website or landing page through specially-targeted ads. An advertiser pays a fee each time one of their ads is clicked, which can effectively drive traffic, generate leads, or boost sales.

The length of time it takes to see results from digital marketing efforts depends on a variety of factors, such as the campaign’s goals, strategies, and tactics being used. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months before achieving optimal results and ROI from a digital marketing campaign.

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